The Ashdown Forest – Obscuring our Past; Becoming our Future

The Ashdown Forest – Obscuring our Past; Becoming our Future

For my second year at University I had to complete a photography module. My main struggle at uni was coming up with the initial concept for a series. Being creative within a set brief is actually incredibly hard and I generally prefer the creative ideas to come to me as opposed to force them, so I was really struggling for a theme.

But then Alex and I took a day trip rock climbing (his favorite hobby) and while I was reading his local climbing guide I discovered that there was more history to the rock wall than I had first thought. This gave me the idea to focus a project around areas local to me that had become part of the landscape, but that may have once been a little more important. Places that were once significant and that now just blend into our surroundings. Places that locals, like myself, never gave more than a split second glance.

The title of the project and the execution could certainly have been drastically improved, but I thought I would share these images to give a taste of some of the history of my area.

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