The +31 Uh Ohs

The +31 Uh Ohs

No matter how much I prepared and planned, mistakes were inevitable.

1. Your diapers that I thought I over packed turned out to be underpacked. 5 diapers per day turned out wrong wrong wrong! (i clearly remembered slapping my forehead over and over and calling myself 'WHAT AN IDIOT!" repetitively when we were there) Your system decided to produce more poop during this trip and your diaper got heavy fast. (Well we did bring back a few diapers as a result of purchasing the extra pack at Albert Heijn)

Mistake: not bearing in mind that we are in cold weather. Well blame it on the weatherman! It showed 15-17 degrees but when we were there, temperature dip as low as 8 degrees! *whine whine sobs sobs*

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