That's not the deal

That's not the deal

It’s nice to be off the tough-love topic for a while, and relax in the dream that is Lily. She is a little star, and despite all of our issues of late, she remains a truly lovely, bright little girl.

Lily is just about to hit 2 years and 9 months, just three months shy of her 3rd birthday (I did maths there…did you see it?). My dad will be impressed. I used to browse the internet for all the milestones that she is supposed to meet by certain ages, but I stopped that some time ago. Kids will hit their milestones when they are good and ready, not when published literature tells us. So for now I will relish in her funny and vivacious qualities.

Recently we have witnessed Lily’s comedic side more and more. She can be so funny, and knows it too.

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