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April was the month I was going to be organised. It is something I have struggled with since having Boo and this was the month I was finally going to get on top of things, get on top of writing, studying, and working.

I even wrote a schedule I got that sorted.

Then we got ill!

That’s life I suppose. But I don’t actually remember a day that we were all well. It has been that long.

It started with Baba who didn’t even manage to finish school on his last day. Only lasting until lunchtime before school phoned for me to come and collect him. He missed his Easter egg hunt, and he spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping the day away. Always a sign that he is properly ill.

We spent the next few days with a poorly Baba fighting a temperature, cough and a stinking cold, along with sickness, he had the works bless him and it was horrible to see him so poorly. 

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