ThatRedheadSaid has taken a scary step forward!

For a few months now I have been going back and forth over when is the 'right' time to navigate away from and into the realms of .com. Is it how many subscribers/followers you have? Is it how much you love blogging and being part of the community? Does typing just annoy the crap out of you?

ThatRedheadSaid is absolutely tiny. I can't force people to follow.... I know my content is very niche and definitely not to everyone's taste. That's a million per cent ok. If I did this any differently it wouldn't feel right... So there's that. It wasn't because my blog had exploded in popularity...

I absolutely LOVE blogging. I don't post as often as I like and I'm going through a horrible social-media shyness thing again which totally isn't helping anything right now.... But the fact remains that every waking moment is spent thinking about what I could do or probably should do to make my blog better. There's a million and one things I want to write about.

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