That was 2013..

That was 2013..

That was 2013..

It's time to round up the year isn't it. 2 days and we shall be entering 2014! 

This will be a year when my biggest boy will be legally old enough to drive (how the hell did that happen?!) My talented tween will start the local Comprehensive (can't even think about that at the moment, petrified!) And my baby, yes I know he is soon to be 6, will continue to strive and amaze people.

But that is what's to come, what about what has passed?

There have been major ups and downs this year, it's been emotional to say the least. I am not going to link back to previous posts, if you want to read them, they are all there, ready for your perusal. I would rather just talk about how this year has been from this perspective, sitting with a cuppa and thinking back.

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