Thank You Darling - Breakfast to Share

Thank You Darling - Breakfast to Share

I thought I would share this recipe with you by way of a small thank you to my darling husband as he cooked this for me recently and it's too good to keep it to myself. Also by way of a thank you as lately I may have been a tiny bit tetchy. I thought I was being super helpful to my loved ones around me by offering advice in how to make our daily life simpler but actually I think this may have come across as nagging (confirmed by loved ones). Sorry about that.

I now write regularly for Bexhillian magazine and feel jolly pleased with it I must say and I never tire of mentally bouncing off the walls when I spot the magazine locally. I am only too pleased to have such positive feedback from readers which delights me because when I attended a writing seminar some time ago I was told that my style was somewhat ..... the sentence wasn't finished. So you see sometimes offering advice isn't always the best idea: talking and sharing is.

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