Ten Weeks Old And Baby Massage

I am not quite sure where the time has gone, it feels like he has been here forever but only arrived yesterday. It has been a complete shock to the system and a complete joy.

Getting into a system with two children, two dogs, running the house and running a business from home is hard. I wont lie, it has been really hard to find a system and we still don’t have one at all. I am blindly going through the days, some are good some are bad, and that is as good as it gets right now.

Boo hasn’t been the easiest baby and I am sure if you read the blog, follow me on twitter or on Facebook you will know all about it. As it has been hard dealing with his colic and reflux. We are now on our third milk, which he seems ok with and he now seems to be sleeping for a few hours at a time (fingers crossed) but he is a stressy baby. He finds going to sleep hard and he does get into pain with his colic and reflux, so I decided that he would probably benefit from baby massage.

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