Ten Ways to Ease Sibling Rivalry

Ten Ways to Ease Sibling Rivalry

Children are bound to fight with one another; it’s part of being siblings and my lot certainly still do, and test me to the limit!

However, sibling rivalry is normal but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to do something about it. (I know that my mum and dad spent many an hour trying to break up the arguments with my own brothers).

I have put together ten ways to help ease sibling rivalry to bring calm to your home.

Ask your older children to help with the younger ones. This will encourage your children to feel proud of being an older brother or sister and will help them build a better relationship.

Do your best not to compare your children, especially while they’re in the same room. It’s obvious that your children are different, but you don’t want them feeling as if there’s something wrong because they’re not the same. It may also cause your children to believe you love one of them more than the other.

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