Ten rules for surviving the summer holidays

Ten rules for surviving the summer holidays

It's the last full day of the school year, and I've taken time out to sit down and have a coffee on my own. And I'm feeling guilty about it. Someone shake me please..

I know it's still May, but in Ireland, secondary school students enjoy a three month summer break. Their parents don't always enjoy it so much. For working parents it means worrying that their teens will still be in bed when they arrive home after a full day's work, for SAHMs it means a daily battle to prevent same. For carers it's time to take the vitamins and a few deep breaths.

Of course I've been here before with Angel, but life was very different then, and she didn't get much time to lounge around the house.

Now it's my son's turn, and it's going to be a challenge for both of us. There's a lot of time to fill, and I'll be the one trying to offer alternatives to the siren call of screen and console.

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