Teething Granules for Babies - Worth a Try?

Teething Granules for Babies - Worth a Try?

Whenever the subject of teething comes up, somebody always mentions Teething Granules and how brilliantly they worked for their screaming child. I also couldn’t help but notice them at my local supermarket, prominently displayed right at the checkout. I’ve never succumbed to buying them before but at that particular time I would have fed Ava chocolate-covered ants if that promised me a good night’s sleep. In retrospect, the ants may have been the better option. The reason why I didn’t get Teething Granules for my baby up until now is because, even though I love the idea of natural, herb-based medicine, I can’t bring myself to believe in homeopathy. To me, it’s just like the Mormon faith. It sounds amusing but if you check the exact principles of both movements, you can’t possibly take them seriously. The origins of homeopathy are so absurd, the author of medical-myth-busting best seller Bad Science, Ben Goldacre devoted an entire chapter to them...

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