Teen angst

Teen angst

Teen angst I was asked to write this blog, after sharing a picture on instagram, of my teen. The reason I was asked is because, my teen has self esteem issues. 

So? I here you ask. All teens have self esteem issues, right? Why is mine unusual?

Because these issues are overlooked, in boys.

This is the picture I shared...

I took this picture, I take a lot of pictures of him. I hope that he will eventually see what I see.

Because, at the moment, my teenage son thinks he is fat?!

He's never been the most confident, out there person. He is actually quite shy. He doesn't have a lot of friends, mostly through his own choosing. 

He would rather spend time on his own. He's not a big gamer either, he does like it, but would rather listen to music. It worries me that he doesn't like going out, because he actually has a wicked sense of humour. 

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