Technology Part 2: Think Before You Post

Technology Part 2: Think Before You Post

Have you seen Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrity Read Mean Tweets? If so then you sort of have an idea of what I’m going to talk about, if not, then I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Basically, it’s a segment of the show when celebrities read out loud some the awful Tweets tweeted to them, in an effort to raise awareness of the dark side of social media. Some range from bad to atrociously awful, but they’re all just plain mean. The worst part is that people keep Tweeting all these mean things and think that it’s okay!

The cyber world is pretty new and filled with tons of nifty and fun gadgets, tools, social media networks and etc. I have heard countless stories of social media users who have posted a picture or a comment, that seemed fun at the time, but that has gotten them in trouble later on down the road. So, in order to prevent anymore of this I have created an acronym P.O.S.T. that works as a checklist for you to think about before you post (pun intended) anything online.

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