#TeamHonkRelay comes to St Albans on 4 February

#TeamHonkRelay comes to St Albans on 4 February

Well it’s started. You know when my mother said a while back that she was going to use her new cross trainer to gradually get a bit fitter, whilst watching a box set of 24? Well, this was partly what was on her mind when she wrote that.

Team Honk,follow a trio of mad, bad and fearsome bloggers (backed up by pretty much every other blogger in the UK, it would seem) are this year supporting Sport Relief, by transporting a baton from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Last year for Comic Relief they raised £10k. Here’s what my mother did last year:

There are parents on the playground who haven’t spoken to us since that day, so it wasn’t just the simple matter of making an idiot of herself on the school run. But this year it’s not going to be as easy. This year they’re aiming for £20, and it’s physical!

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