Team Honk Relay Has Begun

Team Honk Relay Has Begun

Team Honk Relay Has Begun by CoombeMill12 January 2014 17:57 3 amazing bloggersTeam Honk Relay Team Honk is the brainchild of three amazing bloggers Annie of Mammasaurus , Penny of Aresidence and T of Mummy Barrow. Together they have travelled and blogged their socks off for Comic Relief and achieved the most amazing amounts of money and publicity all in a great cause. Their work to date is all detailed on the Team Honk website.

Team Honk for 2014 This year begins possibly the biggest blogging challenge yet. Team Honk are mobilising 150 or so bloggers across the UK for Sports Relief, to move in whatever form from Lands End to John O Groats.

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