Team Honk Relay 2014 - a Lesson in Honking

Team Honk Relay 2014 - a Lesson in Honking

It’s funny old thing the internet. Blogging is just a fragment of that funny old thing (and by funny I mean both funny ha ha and funny peculiar) – a load of people sharing bits of their lives, their skills, their aspirations and the shit in their lives, often in words that would never be used if you were having that conversation face to face. Words that can move you to tears, have you giggling wildly, support you and challenge you to think in new ways – question your own experiences and beliefs and generally give you a wider experience of the world around us. Blogging can also be a rather large force for good – especially when lots of people come together, doing their own little thing to make a big difference. The Team Honk Relay being a prime example.

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