Teaching Children the Lingo

Teaching Children the Lingo

If you are heading abroad for your next holiday you may well do a bit of language homework before you go - maybe you'll brush up on what you learnt at school or start a new language from scratch. This year however, don't just limit learning the lingo to yourself - start teaching your children a new language too! For one thing people where you go on holiday will love hearing our little ones saying things to them and your children will be so proud of themselves!

Children really are never too young to learn a language - after all it's what they are doing so well right now. Up to about the age of 12 a child's brain is wired up to simply absorb language, like a sponge. They do not question grammar or word orders or anything else older language learners fall prey to - they simply listen, repeat and learn. Easy peasy and they love doing it! So now really is the time time to help them learn a new language.

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