Teachers goodbye and gratitude

Teachers goodbye and gratitude

It's Monday again, which means it's time to write about my Magic Moment the kid's Amazing Achievements, and my Reasons to be cheerful. Well, this week is a little bit different, because they hadn't happened yet. My magic moment and all will be on Tuesday, when I take the kids to school for their second to last day of school, and give my thank you presents to their teachers. There were many discussions on the merits of teachers end-of-year presents, with many voices calling to relinquish this unnecessary expenditure. With people saying that teachers are "just doing their jobs", that "it has become a race of who will give the biggest and most expensive gift", that "it is just another way for parents to suck up to the teachers", and the like of those. I have to admit, I have pretty strong views on the subject (I admit, I have pretty strong views about pretty much everything), and might have even voiced those opinions on the web (in what I really hope was a dignified manner) and to Hidai (in what I know was less than dignified).

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