Tea Dance for Little People & Extremes at the Horniman

Pigeon Pair and Me: Tea Dance for Little People & Extremes at the Horniman

How do you broach big subjects with little children? Like the recent extremes of weather? Or emotional neglect?

To be honest, it had never occurred to me to talk to Austin and Gwen about either. But, this half-term, we found ourselves at two different children’s events, where light entertainment was based around these deep subjects. TDLP-1021

image by Frances Carlisle

The beginning of the week heralded the end of what had felt like endless weeks of apocalyptical rain and storms. Fittingly, we went with our friends Frances Carlisle (a talented photographer, who specialises in weddings and who took all the shots in this post) and her son Sam to the Horniman Museum, in South-East London, where Tea Dance for Little People were staging ‘Extremely Adventurous‘ to tie in with the Museum’s Extremes exhibition.

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