T&Cake Almondbury - Odd Dinner

T&Cake Almondbury - Odd Dinner

I am a huge fan of T&Cake in Almondbury, Huddersfield. We had a fantastic lunch the first time we went, and it was even better on our return visit a few months later. Stephen and Tracy Jackson are living their dream. Stephen is an ex-Michelin starred chef and Tracy is a skilled baker; together they are a powerhouse of home comforts.

Although Stephen swapped fine dining for cafe culture, he still has a keen interest which sees him sampling culinary delights all over the world. That's what the 'Odd Dinner' was all about. A collection of dishes inspired by his travels, and a chance to get all refined once more.

The first I heard of the 'Odd Dinner' was via Twitter. There was one table left. One. Less than five minutes later we were the proud owners of the last two seats in the house. The dinner itself comprised of ten courses plus wine for £100 per person.

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