Tasty Sweet Treats from Parragon

Tasty Sweet Treats from Parragon - Stressy Mummy

I’m not sure if it the weather or just the general time of year, but I am seriously craving sweet things at the moment and luckily enough, both books that I have received from Parragon as part of their Book Buddies reviews are filled with lots of lovely sweet things to try out.

First up is Marshmallows Made Marvellous, which is a really sweet little book which teaches you not only the basics of how to make marshmallows but some of the most amazing recipes I have ever seen. Now I have one son; L,  who has eaten so many marshmallows in his short life, I am surprised that he doesn’t look like one.  He loves them.  He was very quick to spot this book and has spent many hours reading through and salivating over the pictures and all of the different flavours you can make.

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