Tapping, fidgeting and other annoying habits

Tapping, fidgeting and other annoying habits

My nine year old son is driving me crazy.  Quite literally.

He has always been a fidget.  Even as a toddler, he was never the sit down and play sort of child.  This was a positive thing on the whole and I always tried to embrace it.  He was always on the go, loved being outdoors, enjoyed playing games and was never really that bothered about anything that involved sitting down for long periods of time.

Now don't get me wrong, I love that he is an active child.  It is amazing that he loves sports and is at his happiest playing football or any other sport.  I love the fact that he enjoys running around the house with Nerf guns and playing chase or hide and seek.  But as he has got older, this need to move has developed some rather annoying habits.

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