Tanya’s Cafe at myhotel Chelsea, London

Tanya’s Cafe at myhotel Chelsea, London When travelling it can be hard to keep up the routines you have at home and I always, wrongly, see being on holiday as a reason to eat like a monster and forget the healthy eating I do on a normal day. Hotels often have certain dishes marked on the menu as low in calories or the healthy option but rarely is there a complete restaurant dedicated to clean, healthy living.

I saw Tanya’s Cafe on Instagram and loved the idea of it – raw, plant based, handpicked, organically grown, ethically sourced food which is free from refined sugar and gluten. Bit of a mouthful and a bold claim but it sounds good. My healthy eating is based on smaller portions of low calorie dishes but it regularly goes out the window when I see a bottle of wine or chocolate so having never experienced anything so clean I was really looking forward to trying Tanya’s out. And based in myhotel Chelsea it was perfect as it was satisfying both my love of hotels and food. Win.

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