Tales of The Travelling Mom & Her Kid.

Tales of The Travelling Mom & Her Kid.

I was browsing through newspapers one day when I was young, I think I was in primary school, saw articles on countries and places I was wow-ed with. I started penning down the countries I dreamt to go. Marking down the prices and counting them piggy bank savings. Alas, the money was not enough to even buy me a cab ride to the airport back then Hahaha. I had always been envious of classmates whose parents took them to faraway places for a holiday during the school holidays.

Back then, I traveled because it was a family road/train trips or a visit to my relatives' home ground.

I wanted to run away from Singapore, so this is my only avenue. A short running away from the country because migrating my ass over to another country, I am not sure how to do it.

I guess I will follow suit with my sister who is now staying put Down Under (and brother who planned to escape Europe to work and never come back) one day. Pack my bags and leave the country.

I digress.

So what made me got bitten by the travel bug?

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