Tales from the Motherland

Tales from the Motherland

“The problem with figuring out realistic, tight dialogue,” Piper continued, “is knowing your character. If you really know who your character is—what they think and how they act, it’s a lot easier to understand what they would say; and, then it won’t sound as forced.”

She adjusted her Mac and looked up at Kim. The sounds of the café came in as Piper thought it through.

“Well, if it’s your character, if you create them, wouldn’t you naturally know what they would say? I mean, shouldn’t the dialogue part be easy?” Kim still looked confused.

“Actually, not really. Dialogue is hard; it takes practice.” Piper looked around the café. “First, you really need to study dialogue, study people. How do people talk—how do you and your friends talk?”

Piper motioned toward the others around them, drinking coffee or eating, and both women glanced around the room.

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