Taking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge

Well, not literally. I suppose it’s just as well we have no cliffs in London because the last few weeks at work would have certainly made the thought of it very appealing. The trouble with having a difficult time at work is that it inevitably creeps into your home life too. Hubby and I were arguing more and I was losing my patience with my children. Nobody likes to be “that” mum. The whole thing ends up spiralling up until you really don’t think you can take it anymore.

You may have remembered that I had a bit of a “losing it” moment with a senior executive a couple of weeks ago. Well, not content with having one emotional angry moment I decided to book end it with another. This time with my bosses boss. This isn’t generally seen as a good career move, but I think it really summed up my general mood at the time. Thankfully this man has a bit more emotional intelligence than the other guy and pressed me to the point where I was in fight or flight mode.

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