Taking Control

So I have been moaning lots lately. How I have hated the house, not getting anything done, and just generally being in a right grump about everything.

It came to a head on Thursday I was so fed up. I was in a hideous mood and I could not get out of it.

I wasn’t enjoying time with the kids, I wasn’t happy doing things with Mr L I was just foul.

I hated everything and everyone.

Something had to change.

We have lived in this house for nearly seven years now, and when we moved we had lots of plans. Every year we do the garden and then it gets left over the winter and gets ruined, and we then go through the process of doing the garden again the next year. But nothing else in the house seems to get done.

Our house is all a bit the wrong way round, the biggest room is the loft, and downstairs has a massive hall, massive kitchen and a smaller lounge. We as a family with two boys and a very messy Mr L end up with a hideous mess in the lounge and all claustrophobic and its horrible.

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