Taking a toddler to a wedding

Taking a toddler to a wedding

Little did we know POD would be in the midst of potty training when we accepted an invitation to a friend’s wedding.

It was an interesting journey to the venue. A stop in a country lane highlighted a need for the absent potty as POD declined to go beside a barley field. Although it seemed she had some success at the pub we stopped at, she requested to go again just as we left the car park. At a service station with no public facilities we were surrounded by everything from screen wash to Smarties. POD refused to go but took great joy in attempting to open nearby bottles. We didn’t stop again until we reached the venue where we discovered POD has a fear of hand dryers.

Lying on the floor in-between the door and the bar, she then pretended to be a fish. A position that doesn’t bode well for introductions or getting a drink. Following a much needed period of outdoor play, POD then busied herself with drawing and wearing her headband across her eyelids. She hardly spoke until the ceremony.

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