Take two pumpkins {carve it, puree it, deseed it, bake it}

Take two pumpkins {carve it, puree it, deseed it, bake it}

Today has been a wet, windy, sunny, altogether a strange mix of Autumn weather kind of day. Perfect for baking. Luckily we escaped the worst of the storm so we dodged the showers and went out to buy pumpkins. Last time we did the whole pumpkin thing we just carved and binned the rest. Completely wasteful I know so this time we were going to do things differently.

I turned to the power of social media. Pumpkin recipe upon pumpkin recipe has been pinned to Pinterest over the past month - the majority calling for cans of pumpkin puree. So I asked good old Twitter for some pumpkin advice and as a result used all of the pumpkin up.

Well, nearly. Not sure what we could have done with the skin of the cut out pieces - any suggestions?

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