Table Manners

Whilst on holiday in Edinburgh we met up with an old friend of Janet’s for lunch. On being seated Sonny immediately picked up a knife and held it aloft.

“En garde!”

Luca’s response was a blur of spoon and fork wizardry that would have left a mutant turtle questioning his ninja credentials.

This episode taught me two things. We don’t take the kids out for meals very often, and my lessons in table manners haven’t yet covered the difference between cutlery and weaponry.

That’s not entirely true. We do eat at restaurants quite a lot, albeit Chinese restaurants, and here lies another problem. A clash of cultures.

All my efforts in teaching the boys that it’s rude to burp at the dinner table can be undone with a single ground-shaking belch from their Chinese Great Nan. And this isn’t the actions of a ninety-seven year old who’s decided ‘to hell with digestive control’, this is totally acceptable in Chinese culture, as the subsequent oral overtures echoing around the restaurant will testify.

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