T is for Tantrums

T is for Tantrums

I had fallen into the trap of the most destructive of parenting myths - that if you're a good parent, attentive to your child's needs, there won't be tantrums, tears or any losing of sanity. Thank goodness for Elizabeth Pantley's book The No-Cry Discipline Solution - reassuring me that whilst comforting a screaming toddler on the floor of the tube, as he wanted to get out of the train in the tunnel rather than the station, I hadn't utterly failed as a parent.

Now that Toddler can talk I often wrongly assume he can tell me what's wrong, that he can voice his concerns eloquently. Having myself had a meltdown at the weekend, annoyed at the lack of time for even cutting my nails, instead of voicing my concerns to my husband I sulked, moped and whined.

It dawned on me that the expectations I had for my toddler were highly unrealistic - even I was terrible at communicating properly when things aren't going my way. How could I expect a toddler to accomplish something that I, as an adult, couldn't?

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