Swimming Awards #MagicMoments

Swimming Awards #MagicMoments

Yesterday both of my children were awarded their swimming badges! Husband and I were super proud when they told us they were moving up to the next class.

Wee Z is moving into the big pool for his new lessons. He will be at the shallow end of the big pool but he will have to swim a bigger distance. He can't wait as he loves the big pool and prefers it over the smaller pool whenever he goes swimming outwith lessons.

Miss C will still stay in the small pool however, she'll be swimming the full length of the pool which I think could be 10m. She can just about stand in the shallow end of the small pool so I don't know what she'll make of being at the deep end. When she moved up the first time, she freaked out and regressed. I just hope she gets the teacher she likes as I think this will help keep her confidence levels up.

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