Swimming Anyone?

Swimming Anyone?

In this little space I like to call my own I often talk about my eldest boy and my youngest boy and have never called them by name. However, constantly referring to them as ‘my eldest’ or ‘my youngest’ seems a little odd so from now on ‘my eldest’ will now be called Big Prince and ‘my youngest’ will be Little Prince.

So onto my magic moment and this week Big Prince decided it would be a good idea to surprise me. Before I get to my moment I want to explain that Big Prince is not an athletic child, he doesn’t like to be outside unless pushed and he has never taken a proper interest in any sport. He is a quiet boy who likes to sit and read or draw, plays on the Xbox a lot more than he should and has a few close friends who are mostly girls. He hates football. He doesn’t like playing out when it’s muddy and he has no interest in bugs or any creepy-crawlies.

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