Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Chowder

Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Chowder » Emily Beale Photography It’s that time of year when the soul hungers for soup.

Well, mine does anyway. Learning to cook soups was the best thing I have ever done for my family.

This particular recipe has recently become a firm favourite and is perfect for the season. Why not try my delicious Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Chowder…

When my father came to live with us several years ago, he was accustomed to eating the most delicious soups. My mother had several wonderful recipes – leek & pea, parsnip and parmesan, carrot & ginger. All tried and tested favourites given to her buy friends and clipped from magazines. It didn’t take long for Dad to get me up to speed and I was able to add several more recipes to my repertoire from a book that I had actually bought for her. This book then become my soup bible and I would cook a recipe a week from it’s pages.

Not only did cooking soups mean a wonderful taste of home for my dad, but I really did learn to cook ‘properly’, blending ingredients and adding herbs to create something really wonderfully tasty.

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