Sweet potato curry with cherry tomatoes

Sweet potato curry with cherry tomatoes

Sweet Potato curry has got to be my top veggie meal - I'm pretty sure anyone who's ever come here long enough to be fed has had it. Vegetarian or not. Possibly a reflection of my limited recipe repertoire, but mostly because it's a cracking curry.

It's also the reason why there's nearly always a jar of red thai curry paste in the fridge - a favourite cheaty cheeky shortcut - perfect for giving a dullish meal a quick, warm, lemony, garlicky boot up the behind without all that tedious chopping. I'll probably get bored of it soon because it's going in EVERYthing - soup, savoury rice, pasta sauces. Just a little, mind: a friend once mistakenly used a whole jar…. I love a chilli hit, but that floored us all.

I've even been known to pop half a teaspoon into some of the kid's meals to jazz things up a bit (spice by stealth you see..) No one's complained yet.

Anyway, back to why the paste's in my fridge in the first place. This delicious, quick and easy curry.

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