Sweet Portuguese cakes and desserts

Sweet Portuguese cakes and desserts - Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal If you want to make a Portuguese person drool, show them a cake. A Portuguese one, of course. To the uninitiated, they might not look that special but trust me, and the Portuguese who love them, there’s more to their cakes and desserts than meets the eye.

Little attempt is made to pretty them up so unlike the beautiful colourful displays in French bakeries, everything here tends to look rather brown and dull. Don’t be fooled, Portuguese cakes usually taste much better than they look.

Many of the recipes for the nation’s favourite sweet treats originated in Portugal’s convents and monasteries. Eggs, especially the yolks, feature heavily. The egg whites were used to starch clothes and preserve wine so the yolks ended up in cakes and puddings. Along with plenty of sugar. Almonds are another popular ingredient although each region specialises in incorporating local produce into their cakes whether that’s beans, cheese or chestnuts.

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