Sweet pea love

Sweet pea love

This year we've had a magnificent display from our everlasting sweet peas, and they've flowered for the longest I can remember. There's still one flower out now, although it's dying out now and I think it'll be the last.

I wasn't sure if they'd return this year, what with the fence work we had done earlier in the year - see Fence repairs - I thought they might have migrated to the other side of the fence, but luckily they hadn't. They had moved half a metre or so towards the house, but they were still there.

They say you should keep cutting sweet peas to encourage them to keep flowering, and it's true I've cut them more this year than any other year. Perhaps that's it, who knows.

I've been photographing them since June, and as the last flower's almost done it seems right to share the photos now.

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