Sweden here I come

Janice Issitt Life Style

I'm preparing to go to Sweden to photograph the next catalogue for Van Asch and also to see my godchildren and get some Christmassy shots. So, apologies to all you Swedish folk, but I'm praying for snow, just a little bit will do, and hope that everyone there has started to get their decorations out and houses lit up so that I can bring back some lovely photos of how they style for the festive season.

My last visit was for the Midsummer festival, so it couldn't be more different but as the Swedes like to embrace their roots and traditions I'm expecting great things.

For Midsummer we made wreaths to wear on our heads from flowers and foliage we picked in the hedgerow. As I'm about to write about making Christmas wreaths for my column in Vale Life, I was reminded of this. The best props often come from nature itself, at no cost, particularly if you live in the countryside.

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