Surviving the first few weeks of a new job

Surviving the first few weeks of a new job

I started a new job last Monday – but it feels like I’m on a memory crash course rather than surviving it. I’m now working at an animal charity, which I used to work at years ago.

I guess going back to work somewhere that you worked previously is much less daunting because to a certain extent you know what to expect, know the organisation and understand the office culture. But I also realised that a lot has changed since I left about three years ago so I still had a lot to learn.

My first day was rather surreal as I am sitting back in my old desk and there are even some of my old things still there! I’m sitting with the same original people and the team is very similar.

But I’ve realised that there’s a lot I’d actually forgotten and so I have a lot to learn again about the charity – as well as my new role and what is expected at me.

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