Super Simple Valentine's Card With The Cricut Mini

Super Simple Valentine's Card With The Cricut Mini - Mum Of One

I was recently sent a Cricut Mini for review and, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided it might be time to give it a whirl and to make Mr B a sweet, but simple, Valentine’s card. I often struggle to find suitable cards for Mr B. They are either, too soppy, not soppy enough, not funny enough or just a bit, well….twee. So I decided it was time to get my craft on. I must confess that initially I encountered several problems trying to log in to the Cricut Mini Software that I had downloaded to my Mac. Unsure if it was my fault, which I felt may be entirely possible, I called the helpline number provided. My call was answered very quickly and the operator informed me that, to my surprise, it was not my fault but a problem that was happening everywhere. I gave up for that evening, and several subsequent evenings when I experienced the same difficulty. Eventually though I was able to log in successfully and I am pleased to say that I have experienced no similar problems since.

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