'Super Chicken' Recipes. A Parragon Book Review

'Super Chicken' Recipes. A Parragon Book Review. » Verily Victoria Vocalises

One of the staple meals in this household is most definitely chicken. Roast, curry, stir-fry, soup…the list goes on. So, when I received the latest Parragon Book for review I was very, very happy to see lots of chicken recipes! Definitely a book we can use on a regular basis.

The problem with eating chicken lots and lots is that we start to run out of ideas and things start to become a little bit boring – there is only so much curry you can eat! But mealtimes need never be dull again with Super Chicken! This cookbook will offer all you need to create delicious home-made meals with this most versatile of ingredients. With every cooking method covered and every food-stuff a suitable partner, whether you’re looking to create a classic or impress with something more adventurous.Flicking through this book though there is plenty of variation and ideas for what we could make instead.

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