Sun on Saturday: Padstow, Cornwall

Sun on Saturday: Padstow, Cornwall This is the first in a new series of posts where I'll be sharing some sun. There's two reasons for this new series, the first is who doesn't need a glimpse of the sun at this time of year and the second is that it'll give me a chance to share posts from our trip to Cornwall last September and even further back, our trip to Portugal in June. I suspect I'll find some other places with sun too along the way, so slap on some Factor 50 and enjoy some sun...

Padstow is where Rick Stein has his restaurant and many other businesses including a cafè, fish and chip shop, deli, gift shop, patisserie and accommodation. So there's a lot of Rick about, and no doubt his businesses have helped this small town thrive. We first visited about five years ago and that time we did the Rick thing, staying in accommodation above the cafè and eating in the Seafood restaurant before heading off to South Devon by train to visit relatives. And very nice it was too.


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