Sun on Saturday: Fish n Chips in Fowey

Sun on Saturday: Fish n Chips in Fowey Fowey was our last Cornish stop before we headed home and it was an impromptu stop after realising were were so close by. We stayed in Fowey - pronounced to rhyme with joy - for a short break back in 2008. That time we'd stayed in the pub at the top of the town, The Safe Harbour and the breakfasts were phenomenal. When we checked in the landlady asked us if we wanted to join the Game Night being held that evening. Not quite sure what to expect, MOH and I looked at each other quizzically wondering how to respond. Thankfully at that point the landlady clarified the evening's entertainment and said it was food and produced a menu - phew! That was the night that I had my dinner in a plate sized Yorkshire pudding, delicious.


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