Summertime...and the City is cheesy

Summertime...and the City is cheesy

Back in May, when I sat huddled in my thermal slanket, the hail battering against the windows, booking a place on a Cheese Walk in the City of London seemed like a good idea. Hopefully it would be a typical English day in July: overcast, fairly chilly and with a middling to high chance of a freezing downpour. So I admit that when the day dawned with the kind of heat that melts pigeon’s feet into the tarmac, it suddenly seemed less appealing. And throw in a tube journey and consuming large quantities of cheese and wine in the sun and the prospect started to feel more like appalling. But I take my role as intrepid cheese correspondent seriously (coupled with the fact I’d already shelled out for it upfront) and so I donned the Factor 30 and set forth valiantly.

The walk had been organised by Cheese at Leadenhall, a cheesemongers set in the ancient market of the same name. The market itself is an arcade of Victorian splendour, all red and gold girders and intricate tiles, hidden away amongst the uniform steel and glass of the City.

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