Summer reads – Mutton by India Knight

Summer reads – Mutton by India Knight

Middle age is a minefield. In my head I still think of myself as 23, even though my children reckon I’m about 123. When I try and impress them with tales of interviewing George Michael and Paul Weller in their heyday (and mine), they roll their eyes and mutter “but they’re so old…”

So India Knight is really on to something with her latest novel, Mutton. The second of her novels about forty-something Clara Hutt, it chronicles Clara’s attempts to cope with the vagaries of middle-age. Some of it is laugh-out-loud funny, like Clara’s outrage when she walks past a group of builders and for the first time in her life doesn’t get whistled at. In fact she’s so stunned that she strolls past again, and, er, still… nothing. Apart, that is, from the foreman raising his hard hat and saying “morning, madam.”

Actually, Clara is in pretty good nick for a 46-year-old. After...

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