Summer Pudding Trifle

Summer Pudding Trifle

So week three of Jenny and Helen's Great Bloggers Bake Off and this week the theme is puddings.  When I was watching this week, it struck me that I had never made a trifle.  My mum used to make one when I was little with tinned fruit and very sweet tinned cream but as I have grown up, it is not something that I have wanted to make myself.  Until today.  Now one of the things that I dislike about traditional trifle is the sponge at the bottom, there is something about the texture of sponge fingers that  puts me off.  Then it came to me to try bread instead as one of my favourite fruit puddings is Summer Pudding with the juice soaked bread around the outside.  Amazingly, it worked really well and two bowls later, I could quite happily eat the whole bowl. The nice thing about trifle is that anything goes when it comes to the fruit you use and if you don't want to make the custard, ready made would work just fine too.

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