Summer Play - Water and Rain

Summer Play - Water and Rain

The first week of our school holidays, which started at the beginning of July, was pretty much spent indoors as it was raining. I was dreading that the next 7 weeks were going to be looking much the same. To keep the kids amused, we pretty much spent our time doing this:

We played games, made some yummy chocolate cookies, read books and did some painting. Of course, there was nothing stopping us going outdoors to play in the rain in our wellies. Or jumping on a wet trampoline...I don't necessarily recommend it but there's nothing to stop some eager children from doing it. Playing in the rain can be lots of fun!

Thankfully, the heatwave arrived in the second week of the holidays and by the third week, when Husband and I were off work, the heatwave had really kicked in. This called for one thing and one thing only...a pool!

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