Summer holidays…time to hit the garden

Our little garden’s come a long way, since we moved into this house five summer holidays ago. Back then, one flower bed was completely taken over by colossal leylandii, whose shadows turned our neighbours’ gardens (and ours) into gloomy black holes.

One of the first things we did after moving in, was chop those trees down, with the help of the in-laws. So now everyone on the street can enjoy a cup of tea (or margarita) in their garden, in the sun.

(When it shines, that is.)


Before Gwen came along, I used Austin’s nap times to paint our shed a candy-stripe blue. On a hot day, if you squint a bit, you can sometimes imagine there’s a beach hut at the bottom of the garden. When the weather’s dreary, the splash of colour is a cheery ‘sod you’ to the grey clouds sitting above the shed.

We’re also on our way to brightening up the garden with flowers and foliage.

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