Summer holiday kids actvities – Baking

Summer holiday kids actvities – Baking I’m not quite sure what happened to our summer sun, it seems to have been replaced by chilly, damp days… it’s supposed to be the summer holidays!

With the option of going out and getting cold and wet versus staying in and making delicious treats you can seen which one appeals most. As a child I would do lots of baking with my Mam and in turn my Granny when I stayed at her house during the summer. Having fond memories of measuring, whisking and licking spoons I am keen to pass these memories onto Roo and Tigger.

Whilst I have many different baking bits and bobs (Mr Boo would say too many) I wanted to start the children off with their own selection of baking accessories, so we headed off into town last week to grab some essentials. We popped into Poundland for something else on my to-do list and stumbled across the Jane Asher’s baking rangenofollow. With cake tins & bakeware, baking accessories and preparation equipment all for just £1.00 each we managed to bag ourselves some baking essentials for just £9.00!

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