Summer Highlights- We created our own adventures this summer!

Summer Highlights- We created our own adventures this summer!

I have many highlights from this summer. My favourite was when I took my girls and the dog for a picnic over the South Downs, a stones throw from our house. We spent an idyllic afternoon exploring the forest, kite flying on the top of the hill and blackberry picking on the way home. A simple day that didn't cost a penny. We've been skint this summer and have found so much to do that doesn't cost money. With so much structured play on offer now- theme parks, farms and the heinous soft play, children don’t need to think, work things out…imagine. They just do. However, stick them in a field, on a beach or in a forest and they have the opportunity to create their own games. Outdoor living is the best and when the weather is good kids don’t need anything more than to just be outside, using their imaginations Roaming free and having adventures are my memories of summer holidays. I hope my girls have similar memories of this summer. Come and see more of my highlights:

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